Lee Goldenberg

I was recently asked why I wanted to join MapEverywhere and believe me when I say I wanted to join this organization.

From the first moment, last January at the NRF Big Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, when I sat with Chuck Seergy our President and heard about this mobile app I was hooked, smitten like a 13 year old on his first date. I thought I saw the potential of  this new piece of software that provided  turn-by-turn navigation indoors and out without the need for a GPS or Wi-Fi signal.

It wasn't until I came on-board and had the opportunity to work everyday with Sam Feuer, our Founder and CEO and Marcelo Moyano, our Chief Creative Officer and their incredibly talented team of designers and developers that I truly began to understand the true worth of this gem that we have, this diamond known as Map OS.

I've spent many years applying technology to solve business problems. Most of my time was spent in the apparel and retail industry. I've worked with some incredibly creative people, Donna Karan and Joseph Abboud to name but two.

What struck such a deep chord within me about both Donna and Joseph was the absolute and total passion they brought to their craft. Great designers like great managers inspire their staffs by what they strive to achieve. They push their people to be better than they ever thought they could be. They push themselves to reach great heights, all for the sake of their craft and that's what we do at MapEverywhere. Allday, every day.

It is this passion and dedication that I find so energizing and refreshing about our company. Our medium, software, is different than the fabrics and yarns of clothing designers, but our creativity is just as great.

Everyday I see examples of how merging the design talents of our people with the technology available to us today can continue to reap advantages not only for us but also for our clients, customers and partners.

As we rollout this amazing offering past the malls where we started with our incredibly well received FastMall app to include Airports, Retail Stores, Museums, Theme Parks, Hotels, Resorts and Casinos and Schools and Universities hopefully you too will have the chance to reap the benefits to be gained by using our products.